The Jester Dynamic: A Lesson in Asymmetric Unmanaged Cyber Warfare


We live in an area where a single soldier can digitally leak thousands of classifieddocuments (possibly changing the course of war), attackers can compromise unmanneddrone control software and intercept unencrypted video feeds, and recreational hackerscan steal and release personal information from members of cyber think-tanks.(McCullagh, 2009) (Finkle, 2011) Our inability to defend ourselves against the onslaughtof such attacks constantly reminds us of the bureaucracy that comes with largeorganizations tasked with defending and launching such attacks. As a nation, we still donot understand cyber. An asymmetric platform, cyber favors the individual. This couldnot be more evident than when analyzing the capabilities of a single lone-wolf patriothacker. In this paper, we will discuss the actions of a cyber minuteman known as TheJester (aka th3j35t3r) and assess his ability to successfully conduct asymmetricunmanaged cyber warfare


Jester Dynamic Lesson Asymmetric Unmanaged Cyber Warfare 33889

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